About Us

Since its inception in 1972, the company has grown into a leading Manufacturer, Trader, Importer and Exporter of high grade quality PVC Compounds, Plastisols & Granules and Moulding Products. Understanding the requirement of variable plastic industries in existence we offer a wide gamut of products including PVC Compound-Plastisols, PVC Compounds-Granules and Injection Moulding Products. Our products find wide application in a range of industries including Automotive industries, metalizing, electroplating, toy, shoes, medical, textile, tools, Measuring Tapes, etc and similar applications in other industries. All our products are manufactured from the finest materials we procure from trusted resources. The extensive research and study conducted by our expert professionals have assisted the development of these highly appreciated products. These professionals are selected from some of the finest talents in the industry and are well versed with the latest technology and equipment. Together, we at Jhunsons Chemicals, provide One Stop Solution to all the needs in the field of PVC Compounds.

Skilled and Experienced

The firm was inherited from the founder Late Sh. Raj Kumar Tulsian to the capable, skilled & experienced mentors Mr Arun Kumar Tulsian & Mr Abhitab Kumar Tulsian, who have guided the company towards the great heights. With extensive experience and exceptional industrial knowledge, we have been able to deliver the customers with products that they can rely on for quality and assistance. They have always motivated the employees to derive the highest work efficiency leading to maximizing the company's yearly output.